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Davidson, NC Newspaper Collection,

Newspapers play a critical role in communities - even small communities where everyone seems to know one another. For the town of Davidson, the college publications of the Davidson Magazine and the Davidsonsonian offered local news columns, unfortunately, the coverage varied and never included the summer months. Other enterprising citizens created small papers over the decades and while gaps in coverage remain, these papers offer wonderful glimpses of the town's past.
The Davidson College Archives has a collection of 11 of these newspapers. Recognizing their value as sources of local history, the papers have been digitized and are now available online. If anyone has additional issues or knows of other publications, please contact the archives staff.

Chronological List:

North Star (1956-1958, 22 issues)

Red and White (1944-1945, 12 issues and 1954-1955, 13 issues)

Community (1947, 6 issues)

Twin City (1946, 1 issue)

Davidson Newsleader (1945-1946, 21 issues)

Post Exchange (1943-1945, 12 issues)

Star Ace Review (1944, 1 issue)

Ace Review (1938-1941, 4 issues)

Davidson Leader (1936-1938, 25 issues)

Weekly News (1930-1931, 1935, 20 issues)

Weekly Enterprise (1883-1884, 7 issues)


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