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The Davidsonian Images

Individual portraits of the members of the Davidsonian staff, from Quips and Cranks. [1915] 27-1513
Seven students standing on the steps of Oak Row, underneath a sign "The Davidsonian" Sonny Blain, Bruce Fisher [1945] 27-1579
Three members of the Davidsonian staff working on an issue. [1947] 27-1575
Six members of the Davidsonian staff around a table, editing articles. [1949] 27-1576
Student reading the Davidsonian [1950s]
Three students setting type [1950s] 27-1530
Two freshmen members of the Davidsonian staff examining copies of the paper [1950s] 27-1577
Eight members of the Davidsonian staff in the Davidsonian office, with Grier Martin (college secretary) [1950s] 27-1585
The January 17, 1958 Davidsonian announcing plans to build the Dana Science Building. [1958] 9-0446
Five students informally seated around Davidsonian office [1969] 27-1573
Three members of the Davidsonian staff look off to the right
while trying to do work at a desk. [December 1976]

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