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The Davidson Leader was published by Davidson High School from 1936 to 1938.  It mainly consisted of news about the high school, social news from members of the town of Davidson, and ads for town businesses. 
Each issue included the schedule of movies playing at the Davidson Theater.  Some current movies that played were The Last of the Mohicans, Shirley Temple in Heidi, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  In October of 1936, the editor, Kenneth Foreman, broke his arm during a football game and the October 24 issue was not published. 
The editors promised “an especially good” issue the next week.   The Christmas issue for 1936 was published in festive green and red ink.  Some headlines from 1937 are “New stop light erected” and “College girls return for Xmas.”  The 1938 issues feature an article on Davidsonians you should know; some Davidsonians include Frank C. Stough, Mrs. Walter L. Lingle, and Irvin Johnston. 
1936:   June 15     September 5    September 19    September 27    

October 3   October 15   October 24   November 7   November 14   

November 28   December 4   December 12   December 19    December 25

1937:   January 2     April 17     May 16     October 16     October 23  

November 27     December 18

1938:  January 29    February 5    February 12

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